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September 25, 2018



Nevadan based Art Angels N Juweels now promoting art for sale in Bermudian Landing, Belize.

Las Vegas, NV. USA. September 25, 2018 - Art Angels N Juweels, LLC (AAJ), a minority, woman-owned, eco-culturally-minded enterprise has expanded its reach internationally and will now display and sell their creations at two popular, breath taking resorts in Belize, Central America—The Nature Resort and Black Orchid, both located in Bermudian Landing, 26 miles from Belize City.


AAJ's presence there is not just to promote their work but to also help promote the conservation of the country's natural resources, while recognizing and encouraging the substantial role women, family and economics play in that effort.  To that end, AAJ's and its subsidiary, 4 Angelic Moments, initiated their first Belizean project in partnership with The Nature Resort, Community Baboon Sanctuary (CBS), and seven sanctuary villages, by spearheading the removal of an uprooted tree toppled during a hurricane a couple years ago. That massive fallen tree had destroyed a bus stop near The Nature Resort, yet funds were not available to clear away the stump and limbs. Now, the rebuilding of that bus stop can begin, once again offering the local bus riders shelter from the rain and sun.




















AAJ maintains the same ecological and cultural preservation concerns for Belize as The Nature Resort, CBS and entrepreneur Conway Young, as they forge ahead with future projects that will highlight nature, art, cuisine, women's rights and economic empowerment.


For almost a decade, Tamara Carter, Founder and Managing Partner of AAJ, has been creating magnificent pieces of art—from jewelry, to canvas paintings to even glass mosaic portraits—while promoting her philosophy of "Angels" bringing back and sustaining life to those in need. That’s where 4 Angelic Moments comes in. This entity seeks out Angels (people) caring for those suffering from dementia, Alzheimer’s and other debilitating diseases and performs random acts of kindness toward them, with a focus on temporary assistance for them to help relieve responsibilities and stress.


The picturesque surroundings of The Nature Resort, a family-owned establishment since 1996, offers tours, activities and comfortable accommodations in a relaxing paradise setting. Its large acreage filled with greenery, palm trees and thatch-roofed cabanas filled with amenities is masterfully managed by Dr. Roy Young, son of the original owners, Alvin and Drina Young. Juxtaposed to this property is a rainforest setting, home to the black howler monkeys (which locals call baboons) of CBS.


The mission of CBS is to bring natural resource and sustainable cultural tourism to Belizeans and visitors alike. Their mission is sure to be enhanced by this new partnership with AAJ, as they successfully continue in their 33rd year of providing daily tours to their Baboon Museum and present other activities within their community. CBS is a member of the Association of Protected Areas Management Organizations (APAMO), a leading network of non-governmental conservation organizations influencing and encouraging Belizeans to safeguard the integrity, diversity and sustainability of Belize’s protected areas and natural resources. 


Entrepreneur and Cricket champion, Conway Young, brings added value to these resorts with his daily horseback riding services. This and other activities of his are instrumental to the ever-increasing tourism Belize is experiencing and to the future of this partnership as well.

Through current and future collaborative efforts in Belize, Tamara is living out her passion and purpose on a broader scale. In addition to bringing joy to people’s lives through her artwork, she is now able to create angelic moments for those living in and passing through this beautiful country for years to come.



Boating at Sunset

Sip and Splash of paint


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Bermudian Landing

Black Orchid

Bermudian Landing

Nature Resort

Bermudian Landing

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